Welcome to Fun(d) Friday! In these blogs we will showcase some of the numerous funds that have left a legacy in our counties and are the reason why the Jasper Newton Foundation continues to better our communities today.

Newton County Scholarships

Welcome back to the best day of the week: Fun(d) Friday! Let’s take a peek at the Margaret Kindig Stonecipher Scholarship Fund in Newton County. Mrs. Margaret Kindig Stonecipher herself established this fund in 2000, and it is labeled as an advised endowment scholarship fund.

We establish scholarship funds to provide educational scholarships to individuals. The donor is allowed an advisory role but may not act as the majority of the committee that recommends a recipient.

Endowed funds are meant to benefit the community forever. The funds are invested in a diversified portfolio, and the income made from the investment helps grow the fund so scholarships can be awarded for years to come.

Margaret Kindig Stonecipher

Margaret Kindig Stonecipher was a long-time resident of the Newton County area. She was born in Newton County on November 8, 1921, and was a 1939 graduate of Kent High School in Kentland.

After graduating from Indiana Business College in 1941, Margaret worked for Edw. J. Funk & Sons seed corn company, where she started as a bookkeeper. She quickly became the Office Manager and Secretary and helped grow the business into a multi-million dollar company. Former President of Edw. J Funk & Sons said, “Margaret ran Funks Seed Co!”

Many in the Newton County area loved, and she was widely mourned when she passed away on December 9, 2020, at the age of 99. Margaret also had a strong matriarchal presence in her family. Someone said that Margaret never failed to forget someone’s birthday and always remembered to send a card!

Linda Reiners, former Executive Director of JNF, came to know Margaret through her interest in creating a scholarship fund for Newton County youth.

“Margaret was a truly committed community member who was very generous,” Reiners said. “She will continue to put a smile on my face as I remember her warm and friendly personality as well as her generous spirit.”

Renewable Scholarships

Because of her generosity and love of her community, Margaret served as a board member for the Newton County Community Foundation. She also established the Margaret Kindig Stonecipher Scholarship Fund, which is still active at the Jasper Newton Foundation. The fund provides support to one South Newton High School senior each year as they enter a vocational training program or a four year educational institution.

College doesn’t end after the first year though, and so she added a unique twist to the scholarship. She requested that the award be given to the recognized student for two years, meaning this is a renewable scholarship. A new recipient is chosen each year, and the previous recipient receives their second year disbursement based on available money.

Money from this scholarship can go towards tuition, books, fees, and equipment at the school of the student’s choice. The recipient is expected to remain in good standing at their respective college or university. As proof, after each semester, the student must forward a copy of their college grade report to the foundation in order to continue receiving the scholarship. Previous recipients continued their education at schools such as Indiana State University, Eastern Illinois University, and Purdue University.

Since establishing the scholarship in 2000, Margaret personally gave South Newton students over $34,000 to be put toward their postsecondary educational endeavors. Through her scholarship Margaret’s giving spirit remains alive in the community and the individuals who receive the award and will continue to make a positive impact for years to come.

How YOU Can #LoveWhereYouLive

Margaret began her scholarship through JNF over twenty years ago because she loved where she lived. Her kind heart and generosity have helped many local students continue pursuing their dream careers. This, in turn, raises the level of educational attainment of the area, helping us grow into a better educated and more adaptable area with greater opportunities for our children.

South Newton High School seniors who will pursue postsecondary education can apply for the Margaret Kindig Stonecipher Scholarship prior to March of their graduating year. Applications open in November on the JNF website.

With your help, JNF can continue impacting the lives of local students and remember Margaret’s selfless spirit. Together we can create real, effective change in the Newton County community. Are you interested in giving to the Margaret Kindig Stonesipher Scholarship Fund? You can donate online right now or send in a check to JNF, and make a difference TODAY.

Without generous community members like you, the Jasper Newton Foundation and the Margaret Kindig Stonecipher Scholarship Fund would not be where we are today. Your efforts to better our communities do not go unnoticed, and we are grateful for your continued support and encouragement towards our funds. THIS is how you can love where you live.

Leave a comment if you have a fund you would like to learn more about soon. Be sure to check back soon for our next Fun(d) Friday to learn more about the amaizing funds here at JNF!

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