During the holidays, it’s easy to show your nonprofit’s appreciation to your loyal donors and staff, but it can be easy to overlook your devoted volunteers.  Remember these are the people who are dedicated to your cause and genuinely love your organization. Here are some ways to show your gratitude this holiday season:

  1. Write a letter.  Don’t write something basic or cookie-cutter but really show that you see and appreciate all that they do for your organization.
  2. Host a family event for your volunteers.  (Don’t worry about awkward conversation, you obviously all have at least one thing in common, your nonprofit!)
  3. Share on social media about the amazing work your volunteers are doing.  
  4. Participation trophies are valid in the volunteer world – no volunteer is better than another.  ALL volunteers are amazing and deserve credit for all that they do.  

Check out this website for more ideas on how to thank your volunteers!

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