About the Jasper Newton Foundation Inc.

The Jasper Newton Foundation Inc. is a local nonprofit organization that connects residents of Jasper County and Newton County, Indiana with causes they care about through coordinated investments and strategic grantmaking. It’s a way for local people to come together and solve local challenges facing Jasper and Newton Counties every day, leaving a long-term impact and legacy in the community. By working as an advocate for the whole nonprofit sector and connecting residents and organizations across the two counties, the Jasper Newton Foundation enables a larger impact beyond what one individual nonprofit or donor can accomplish.

The Jasper Newton Foundation Inc. strives to be the “Grand Central Station” of the area as we facilitate strategic partnerships between residents who care and service organizations that need help. We strive each day to weave even tighter connections across the two-county area making the Jasper Newton Foundation a strong vehicle for real community change.

What is a Community Foundation?

A community foundation is an independent nonprofit organization that focuses on giving back to its community for the betterment of its people. Most community foundations are geographically defined and give back to their local communities in the form of grants to charitable organizations and projects. Supported by a broad variety of donors and governed by a volunteer board, a community foundation uses funds from many sources, such as individual donations, gifts from businesses or bequests, to address vital needs and opportunities in the local community.

A community foundation allows donors to support their own community directly by partnering with the community foundation to realize their charitable goals and address community needs in lasting ways. Community foundations assist in not only educating donors on local needs, but also providing personal, informative and reliable recommendations for effective charitable planning, giving and implementation.

One key way community foundations support the local area is through building endowments. An endowment is an investment within the community foundation where the principal of a gift is held in perpetuity. The endowment dollars are invested to provide both income and growth, and a portion of the income is made available each year for spending on charitable purposes. After a period of time, the amount paid out of the endowment in grants is larger than the original gift, which continues to be preserved in perpetuity. This multiplying effect is the power of a permanent endowment.

Partnering with the Jasper Foundation, Inc. or its affiliate, the Newton County Community Foundation allows donors the freedom to provide support for causes they are truly passionate about.  When you give – your money directly impacts the community you live in.

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