Grants Available for Nonprofit Organizations in Jasper and Newton Counties

Please browse below for grants that are available through the Jasper Newton Foundation.

Jasper County Retired Teachers Teacher Grant

The Jasper County Retired Teachers are pleased to announce that they will offer small grants to active teachers in Jasper County.

Teachers in preschool through twelfth grade who teach in the Kankakee Valley School Corporation, Tri-County School Corporation, and the Rensselaer Central Schools Corporation are eligible to apply for this grant. The grant will provide funds to teachers so their students will have an opportunity to participate in a special activity or project. The grant may cover the areas of resources, leadership, research, or materials.

Applications will be distributed at the beginning of the school year in each school building or online below. Grant proposals will be due October 18, 2024. The Jasper County Retired Teachers’ goal for awarding this yearly grant is to aid in the excellence of education for Jasper County students.

2024 Application Pending

Women’s Giving Circle Grants

The Jasper Newton Foundation has many Women’s Giving Circles in local communities. Ladies contribute each year to their hometown giving circle then diligently seek grant applications from their favorite charities and local non-profits. It is very exciting for the giving circle ladies to decide on grant awards each year.

Women’s Giving Circle applications are due on September 1st, 2024

Grace Pampel Impact Grant

Read Grace Pampel’s Story

The Jasper Newton Foundation wishes to announce the availability of the Grace Pampel Educational Impact Grant. The purpose of this special grant is to address the broad educational needs of and contribute to improving the quality of education in the high schools in Jasper, Newton and Benton Counties, and Tri-County High School in White County for this and future generations.

Grants are DUE by March 15, 2024 to the JNF Office.

Community Fund Grants 2024

2024 Community Grant Applications will have three cycles. Applications will be due February 1, May 1, and August 1, 2024. Payouts, if approved, will occur in the month following the grant deadline. If an application is declined during one grant cycle the organization may reapply in another cycle. However, only one Community Grant can be awarded per year to an individual non-profit.  Grants are typically smaller than $5,000. Please submit your grant application and all attachments via email to Ashley Hughes by 5 pm central time on the date the application is due. Type your application, if possible, so it is easier for the grants committee to review. Also, please save files in PDF format (even if you attach multiple files).

Email your grant application and all attachments to Ashley Hughes, Program Director, at After submission, you will receive a confirmation email that your application was received.

DRIVING HOME Community Collaboration Grants

Driving Home Grants are collaborative opportunities for matching funds to support impactful community projects that fit into one of four driving lanes. Project meetings will involve collaboration between your group and a Driving Home Lane Committee that will guide you through developing a feasible, viable grant application that maximizes the impact to our community. Your organization may ask between $25,000 and $100,000 for your project/program idea.

Open Letter of Intent Submission Window is Feb. 1 to May 15, 2024

Process Flow

Driving Home Grant Timeline

Driving Home Website Link for More Information

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