I’m super excited to be back at the Foundation for a few weeks this Holiday Break. I’ve missed going to events and meetings for different organizations between the two counties. I’m enjoying creating blog posts, Facebook announcements, and mailings again.  (However, I did NOT miss answering the phone at all…it’s still terrifying.) The Foundation had new projects waiting for me when I came back, and I’m having fun spending time on them.  Over the break, I’ll be here most of my time, but I also am happy to see all my family and spend time with them while I’m home.  This January, I have the opportunity of going to the Bahamas for two weeks through a program with my university to learn about the native plants and how the ever-changing ecosystem is affecting them.  I’m thankful everyone here is supportive of this two-week disappearing act I’ll be pulling and even more thankful everyone here continues to welcome me back with open arms.