Open Season

February is the season of scholarship applications at the Jasper Newton Foundation. 

Often scholarships are simplified down to just an application you have to submit. We want to remind our applicants that behind every application they submit, a story and real person dedicated the funds to make the beginning of their dreams a possibility.

Yes, scholarships are still open. The deadline for scholarship applications is March 1, 2021, at 11:59 CST. After submitting your application, we encourage students to read about the people that contributed to the scholarship on our website. 

What better way to kick off learning about scholarship than with the Pampel Gift? The Pampel Gift is the largest gift that the Jasper Newton Foundation has ever received at $2.7 million. In 2006, it was awarded and placed into an endowment to help fund scholarships for the foreseeable future for high school seniors pursuing careers in agriculture, fine arts, music, and nursing. This scholarship is currently available for Covenant Christian, Benton Central, Kankakee Valley, North Newton, Rensselaer Central, South Newton, Tri-County, or West Central High School graduates. Non-traditional students or adults pursuing education are eligible. 

An allocated amount was also dedicated to the Pampel Impact Grant. The purpose of this special grant is to address the broad educational needs of and contribute to improving the quality of education in the high schools in Jasper, Newton, and Benton Counties, and Tri-County High School in White County for future generations.

The Pampel Grant

As we celebrate 30 years, Jasper Newton Foundation has been thrilled to take a stroll down memory lane remembering the people who contributed to our beginnings and communities for the better. Grace was a resident of Jasper County for most of her life. She was born in January of 1920 and died in December 2004.  Grace and her husband, Darrell S. Pampel made their home on the Pampel farm in Benton County and later in Remington.  

Grace had creative talents in many areas, but specifically in fine arts. She used her musical talents at the Remington United Methodist Church and the Church of Nazarene in Rensselaer. She played the piano at the Mountain Park Chautauqua, Remington Nutrition Site, and Jasper County Alternacare. After graduating high school, Grace sewed military uniforms during World War II and even made costumes for the Helen Reynolds Skaters. Her talents and skills were her own type of retreat and a chance to learn something new. 

After her passing, the $2.7 million gift she left continued to fuel students’ desires to learn and pursue careers in agriculture such as agribusiness, animal science and landscape architecture or fine arts careers in music and nursing.

Over $3.5 Million have been awarded to students in Jasper and Newton County in scholarships since opening the foundation in 1991. These funds have furthered the education of students in our area and gone on to pursue careers in areas that help serve us where we live. In the last 5 years, we have awarded scholarships to nearly 500 students in Jasper and Newton counties.

Local Scholarships Matter

Scholarships can make a difference in a student’s decision to further education, regardless of what that path or end goal might be. Funds given to the Jasper Newton Foundation dedicated to scholarships and furthering education is a smart investment. You are investing in the individuals who will become part of the community and support each and every one of us. 

Maybe they received the Pampel Grant to go to nursing school? They graduate school and become a nurse who takes care of family members, friends and puts their skills to use directly affecting the community as a whole.


“Education is key – for a healthy community, for a healthy workforce, and for a quality of life that keeps our communities growing.  In a rural area where we are still seeing many first generation college students, scholarships are important to provide experiences to our young people.  We also have scholarships for trades studies so we can cover all the bases of students’ interest.  This pillar of funding is so important to the community and important to the Foundation and our legacy in Jasper and Newton counties.” 

-Brienne Hooker, Executive Director Jasper Newton Foundation

Community foundations thrive on people like Grace Pampel recognizing the importance of gifts, big and small, having a direct impact on where we live. You can make an impact in how we #LoveWhereYouLive by giving towards scholarships in Jasper and Newton Counties. Give today on our website or be an advocate for students in your community. We can’t wait to see what the next 30 years looks like for our community. 

Did you receive a scholarship from us? Tell us in the comments your best experience you had as a result of furthering your education. 

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