Article written by Judy Crawford

The DeMotte Women’s Circle of Giving, founded in 2003,  was the first circle of giving established in Jasper County.  Its mission statement is:   To improve the town of DeMotte and make it a better place to live, learn, and work through personal philanthropy and to celebrate the power of women.  The group meets only twice a year, and an annual fee of $100, more if a member chooses, is the only thing required of the members.  The tenet of the circle of giving is that every single dollar put in as membership fees is paid out in grants voted on and awarded in the fall by the members.  The grant application is open to any not-for-profit 501 (c ) 3,  including all of the area schools, community groups, individual teachers for specific projects,  and any of the organizations that conduct public programs which uplift and grow community participation and wellbeing.  

The DeMotte Women’s Circle of Giving increases the power of women’s philanthropy in our hometown because each grant goes to benefit our community. The grants fund new projects, support important long-established organizations, and provide some financial help to programs that directly affect our youth and all residents in the propagation of the arts, health, culture, education and sports. Some of the past grant recipients include: Girl Scouts of America, DeMotte Friends of the Park, DES, DCS, Jasper Co. Public Library, DeMotte  Chamber of Commerce,  DeMotte Rotary, Robert Fase Senior Center, Keener Township EMS, KVHS Band, Covenant Christian HS Band, Valley Community Players, DeMotte Historical Society, and KVHS Technology Student Association.  

To date the DeMotte Women’s Circle of Giving has awarded $66,500.00 to build upon an already strong foundation of community pride, well-being, and the strong belief in helping neighbors to enjoy a better quality of life. Women are by nature nurturers. We care for our children and partners, our families and aging parents.  The Circle of Giving allows us to expand our range of caring and to a make a huge difference in the lives of our neighbors.  And philanthropy has never been easier or more fun, as the members enjoy spending time together during their meetings.  

If you are considering joining this group, If you want to know about the easy grant application,  or if you just want more information about the good being done in your community by the DeMotte Women’s Circle of Giving please call Charlotte at 987-6320 or go online at: 

The DeMotte Women’s Circle of Giving members truly  “Love Where They Live!”

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