As the workweek comes to a close and we look forward to the weekend ahead, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to highlight the funds we hold near and dear to our hearts.

Here at the Jasper Newton Foundation (JNF), we work hard to foster relationships between residents who want to make a difference and service organizations that are in need of helping hands. Funds set up through JNF provide the means for real, effective change in our communities. Grants from these funds are awarded to meet the needs of programs in Jasper and Newton Counties and benefit education, arts and culture, health and wellness, community concerns, and historic preservation. They are here for you.

Join us for the Fun(d) Friday blog series as we showcase the numerous funds that have left a legacy in our counties and are the reason why JNF continues to better our communities today. First up: Appleseed Childhood Education.

Jasper County Childcare

Here is a look at Appleseed Childhood Education Fund in Jasper County to kick off this new blog series. Established in May 2020 by Adam and Carlee Alson, this fund is considered a designated pass-through fund.

A designated fund is established to provide support for a specific non-profit (in this case Appleseed Childhood Education, Inc.) to provide the organization with ongoing financial support and security. Pass-through funds are available (in full) to grant out immediately. These funds will not make an income, but there is more flexibility on how much and when these funds can be distributed.

Appleseed Childhood Education

Appleseed Childhood Education (ACE) is a non-profit organization founded by the Alsons in January 2020 that provides support for new and existing programs in Jasper County, that serve young people from birth through high school in the areas of quality child care, early childhood and pre-school education, K-12 academic support and enrichment, postsecondary preparedness, and youth engagement in learning environments.

ACE combats a lack of childcare in Jasper County that proves to be a hardship for families throughout the area, as ACE is joining Growing Patch Learning Center as the only licensed child care facilities in all of Jasper County.

Benefits of Early Childhood Education

The objective of the Appleseed Childhood Education Fund is to provide support to Appleseed Childhood Education, Inc. as directed by the Board of Directors of the Jasper Newton Foundation. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to donate to the fund, and 100% of all money designated to the fund goes directly toward the mission of ACE.

For the past ten years, the amount of Pre-K spots available per 100 kids in Jasper and Newton counties has been significantly below the state and nearby county averages. Appleseed Childhood Education strives to open up seats for quality early-childhood education and to raise the bar in Jasper County for our children.

In 2021, ACE is working to institute a new early childhood education center in Rensselaer so that kids of working parents receive exceptional care. 2,300 children under the age of 5 live in Jasper County, and 1,600 of those children live in homes where all parents work. Yet, there is only one licensed child care center in Jasper County. Preliminary negotiations are being discussed with an entity regarding a building for a childcare facility. Once this is finalized, the next step is to open the center. In the meantime, ACE provides families with resources to enrich the minds and lives of young learners through their Facebook page and website.

Adam Alson, co-founder and President of ACE, says, “For us, this is a really exciting time because we are getting a lot of traction within the community.”

Not only does ACE want to make a difference now, but they have a long-term goal to better the community for the awesome people and families who call Jasper County home.

How YOU Can #LoveWhereYouLive

Appleseed Childhood Education is a non-profit organization, and charitable donations are one of their main funding sources, which donors can write off on their taxes. Quality, affordable child care and educational resources for all families in our area are attainable and within reach, if we continue to help through our time, talents, and resources.

With your help, ACE can accomplish its goals and create real, effective change in the lives of Jasper County residents. Are you interested in giving to the Appleseed Childhood Education Fund? You can donate online right now or give a check to the Jasper Newton Foundation, and make a difference TODAY.

For more information about Appleseed Childhood education and to learn more about the resources they offer, check out their Facebook page and website.

Without generous community members like you, the Jasper Newton Foundation and Appleseed Childhood education would not be where we are today. Your efforts to better our communities do not go unnoticed, and we are grateful for your continued support and encouragement towards our funds. THIS is how you can love where you live.

Leave a comment if you have a fund you would like to learn more about soon. Be sure to check back soon for our next Fun(d) Friday!

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