Thanks to Eric Jones for nominating his wife, Tiffany Jones, as a spotlight volunteer within our community! Tiffany, who works as a teacher’s aide and assistant at Lincoln Elementary, has been a volunteer at Roselawn Little League in Newton County for 12 years and is an assistant administrator for Indiana District 1.

“I spend a lot of time at Roselawn Little League making calls and coordinating things and also cleaning, setting up the fields and managing equipment,” says Tiffany. “It’s a packed schedule for me, every day, and there are a lot of deadlines and dirty hands on my end. Also, my house gets pretty messy – there’s overflowing laundry – and we have our share of late nights with 9 p.m. dinners. But I wouldn’t change a thing – it’s all worth it to me every time I go to the facility and I’m greeted by children with smiles and leaping hugs.

I think my proudest accomplishment as a volunteer at the little league was the building of the tee ball field. We started with a wooded lot and spent weeks clearing the woods and preparing the land. We then spent days measuring base paths and laying sod for the infield. We planted grass seed for the outfield, and I moved sprinklers around daily in hopes that we would get sprouts – I remember seeing the first sprout and being so overly excited about it!

My kids, and my love of all children, inspired me to begin my volunteer life. And then when Eric and I reunited we just became a force. We motivate each other and we both like to dream big and take on big projects. We’ve completed every project we’ve set out on. I recently helped to start a nonprofit organization called Newton County Community Giveback. My husband is so supportive of me – he always tells me that ‘together we can’t be stopped.’ I am trying to live up to that and I hope our new nonprofit allows us to do even more in the community.

I volunteer because I hope to make a difference in one kiddo’s journey. To be a memory they can have as they grow older that someone cared for them and was there to give them a fun, safe place to be a kid. To run, jump, laugh and make lifelong memories. The time spent at the fields, or working with kids in any way, gives me an unexplainable feeling. Thanks to my wonderful husband Eric for supporting me and for nominating me!”

– Tiffany Jones, Roselawn Little League
Newton County, Indiana

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